Work at heights

Our rope access team of highly trained technicians use ropes secured by a series of anchor points to ascend towers and poles of up to 100 meters. Once in the air, our technicians perform a variety of skilled crafts based on the project’s needs, including rigging, boilermaking and welding. They have extensive experience planning out the equipment needed to access difficult areas, working on the maintenance of telecommunications towers and on rockfaces/embankments where the set-up of static lines is required.

Ascent’s specialist staff develops an access work plan before the start of any task that requires working at heights. That plan includes provisions for providing secure rope anchor locations and a risk assessment that identifies all hazards and outlines solutions to mitigate them.

As with any of our services, we ensure all compliance is adhered to before starting any project and take care of the onboarding, inductions, tickets, and safe working plans.

Work at heights personnel:

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