Welding Services/Track welding services

Ascent has an extensive fleet of multi-craft/multi-trade welders to meet the unique job requests of any of your projects. We source mobile welding, stick welding, TIG and MIG welding services, as well as welding at heights. Our highly trained rope access technicians perform a variety of skilled crafts, including pipefitting, boilermaking, installation, welding and structural steelwork. For all your rail-specific projects, our qualified track welders have experience with AT and Flash-butt welding.

We take care of the administration for safe working plans, onboarding, training, inductions and ensuring all compliance is adhered to before starting a project to speed up or remove administrative burdens. We follow strict guidelines and provide an exceptionally skilled workforce to mitigate risks and make your projects and business successful.

Labour hire personnel:

Installation/Labour Solutions

At Ascent, we believe in mutually beneficial relationships, so we always strive to nurture long-term, quality connections with every one of our partners.

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