Our teams strive for excellence in any project we work on, regardless of the industry. Because helping improve the lives of many Australians across the country, means also helping improve our own.

As an installation and labour-hire company, Ascent provides highly skilled and industry-experienced construction workers and staffing tailored to our client’s specific requirements for all projects across Australia. From labourers and trades to crew and site supervisors, our team members have a deep knowledge of the industry and years of experience delivering our services to it.

As part of major civil and rail infrastructure projects across the country, Ascent has sourced a wide array of teams of skilled personnel and labourers to work in constructing roads, tunnels and bridges to improve how people and goods travel across Australia. Our end to end labour-hire solutions enable us to supply staffing for various project requirements for both short and long-term contracts.

Ascent’s demonstrated ability to execute projects on time results from our successful labour-hire mining and resources recruitment process, which ensures all client’s requirements and specifications are met on time. We provide a total staffing solution for ongoing operations, shutdowns, and short and long-term contracts from mechanical and electrical teams to skilled and general labourers or supervisors.

At Ascent, we have people with the best skill set for any rail and shutdown projects across the country to improve how Australia travels. Our teams are trained to deliver efficiency and excellence to meet and exceed our client’s requirements. The safety of our workers and partners is something we take very seriously, ensuring that all of our employees meet AS/NZ4801 and Safe Work Australia Standards.

We have been part of major projects across Australia and sourced a wide range of industry experienced workers. Our tailored staffing and labour-hire solutions include tunnelling, roads, bridges, and rails. Ascent also provides on-site supervisors, ensuring high work standards are maintained at all times throughout the entirety of the project.

We can mobilise highly-skilled role specialists from boilermakers, crane operators, riggers and mechanical teams to labourers, trades and site supervisors to any location for ongoing assignments. Our skills and experience enable us to meet and exceed our client’s needs and benefit the growing needs of our communities.

Ascent provides teams of skilled and general labourers, tradesmen/women, operators, mechanical tradesmen/women and supervisors, as well as labour-hire specialists to carry out the installation and maintenance of telecommunication structures. We provide total staffing solutions for ongoing operations, shutdowns, and short and long-term contracts.


Over 25 years of experience across the company

Over 40 projects across Australia and the UK in the last 5 years 
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Over 20.000 man-hours with no time lost due to injuries
$ 0 M
We have worked on several projects with over a $1 bn budget, such as Sydney Metro and Westconnex M8