Communications Rigging/Rigging

Outsource your telecommunications and rigging projects to Ascent. From building bridges, installing pipework, platforms, staircases and balustrading to erecting towers and poles. Our highly skilled teams have experience utilising cranes and lifting equipment to erect telecommunication towers and monopoles up to 100 m.

Ascent’s specialist staff develops an access work plan to be completed before beginning any work that requires working at heights. That plan includes provisions for providing secure rope anchor locations and a risk assessment that identifies all hazards and outlines solutions to mitigate them.

As with any of our services, we take care of the onboarding, inductions, tickets, and safe working plans and ensure all compliance is adhered to before starting a project.

Rigging personnel:

Installation/Labour Solutions

At Ascent, we believe in mutually beneficial relationships, so we always strive to nurture long-term, quality connections with every one of our partners.

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