Scheduled Shutdown Works

The success of time-critical possessions is decided by the quality and focus of its workforce. At Ascent, we source highly skilled personnel to undertake the installation of GST in the rail network. For many years, our teams have built bridges, platforms, steel structures, towers and monopoles in the rail sector.

Everything is done in a timely manner to minimise disruptions while improving the shape and condition of one of Australia’s primary public transportation methods.

Our specialist staff takes care of the administration for safe working and staffing on rail projects, as well as onboarding, safe working plans, RIW administration, training, inductions and ensuring all compliance is adhered to before starting a project to speed up or remove administrative burdens. We follow strict guidelines and provide an exceptionally skilled workforce to mitigate risks and make your projects and business successful.

Scheduled shutdown works personnel:

Installation/Labour Solutions

At Ascent, we believe in mutually beneficial relationships, so we always strive to nurture long-term, quality connections with every one of our partners.

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