Railway Planned Possession Works


  • Scheduled Shutdown Works
  • Communications rigging/Rigging
  • Work at heights




Anric rail/UGL/Sydney Trains/John Holland





Sydney Train weekend maintenance

Railway planned possession work requires the temporary suspension of rail services to allow work within the rail corridor to occur safely and efficiently. It aims to deliver safe, reliable train services to customers, minimise cancellation of or disruption to passenger and freight services and maximise possession time to ensure safe and productive time on track is provided to carry out necessary works.

Some track possessions take place overnight and on weekends to ensure work is done as quickly as possible and with minimal disruptions.

Ascent has been working with Sydney trains, UGL, John Holland, and ARTC since 2016 on weekend shutdowns to do maintenance work. Throughout the years, our teams have built bridges, installed steel structures and telecommunication monopoles with the use of hydraulic rams, and undertaken the installation of galvanised steel troughing.

Railway planned possession workers:

Site facts & figures

Km of Galvanised Steel Troughing (GST) installed
Years of continued partnership

Our challenges


Ascent’s teams are well aware of the time-sensitivity of track possessions projects. Still, their excellent planning, skills, and understanding of the rail work ensure the job gets done without causing unnecessary delays. This is why, after more than six years, our clients are still requesting Ascent’s expert personnel.


Track possessions are planned months, and even years in advance, which means the work must be completed when scheduled regardless of the weather adversities. Therefore, careful planning and ensuring the right skilled people will be working in the right locations is paramount.

Site facts & figures

Telecommunication monopoles installed and erected with hydraulic rams
Bridge sections and steel structures installed

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