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St Marys







Pre-fabricated stainless steel launders and pipework

St Marys Water Recycling Plant is one of 30 wastewater treatment and water recycling plants in greater Sydney. It treats wastewater to tertiary standard and uses the recycled water for on-site re-use, irrigating a local golf course and environmental flows. It serves a population of 160,000 people and treats 33.5 million litres of wastewater each day.

Ascent provided a wide range of skilled personnel to build a new section of an existing water treatment plant. Our teams undertook the installation of 60 m of pre-fabricated stainless steel launders. Once completed, they stayed on the project to continue installing all the stainless steel piping, structural steel platforms and buildings, and storage areas.

St Marys Water Recycling Plant workers:

Site facts & figures

Over 700m of stainless steel pipework installed
Tons of structural steel

Our challenges


The project initially entailed the installation of launders exclusively. Upon completion, our excellent work allowed us to stay on-site and continue working for the rest of the project, installing stainless steel pipework, steel structures and walkways.


Our teams were unable to get the equipment moved where they needed it by just lifting it with a crane, so they set up chain blocks as an alternative way to access it. Additionally, our welding teams had to resource to working at heights out of man boxes lifted by cranes to overcome the limited space in the processing and treatment areas where our teams needed to work.

Site facts & figures

Month project duration
Workers on-site

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